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At Cedar & Oak we create handcrafted shepherd huts and bespoke buildings that blend traditional techniques with modern technologies to bring your dream to life – from our product design origins right up to our pioneering range of huts and design

services today.



Modern shepherd hut design


The Cedar & Oak Method


How to order your own Shepherd Hut or Garden Building?

A Hut, Build or Special Project Your Way



You fall in love with the idea

of a shepherd hut or garden building and you like what we do here at C&O.


But want to find out if we

would be the right fit for you.


Why not give us a ring,

drop us an email

or use the contact us form

and we can have a friendly chat about all things huts.


So you like what we do at

C&O even more and think we

may be a good fit.

Why not pop over to our workshop and we can chat

about your ideas and

pop the kettle on.


The next step is for us to email you a design and quotation over for a hut that is just for you.

Remember we have no standards, all our builds are bespoke made just for you with your special features and ideas.   


Where would you like your'e hut or build to go? We are happy to offer advice on location and we usually like to pop over to check the area and the access. 

If access is tricky don't worry we can usually help. 


Once you have looked over the detailed design and quote we work together to refine the design. 


We want to work on it until it's perfect and you are happy and excited about the prospect of your build.


If you are happy with everything and want to go ahead we will discuss a delivery date and offer advice regarding any groundworks that may be required. 


Time to put your feet up, pop the kettle on and relax whilst we work hard making your hut. 

We don't have a production line meaning we can concentrate on each build and handcraft it with pride. 


We will send you updates and pictures during the build so you can see how your'e builds coming along. 


Its time for delivery on the pre-arranged delivery date and see that your ideas and dreams have become reality. 

Oh and maybe pop some champagne!


We will check in to make sure that you and happy with everything.

Cedar & Oak Herdwick Hut Illistraton.jpg
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