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10 Amazing uses for a Shepherd Hut - Even David Cameron has one!

Shepherd huts make great places to relax, work, sleep or create from however they can be so much more than that! Here are a few uses and reasons why we think shepherd huts are great…

1.Home Office. Working from home in a shepherd hut can be great, just imagine a dedicated work space set up as you like enabling you to work hard in a relaxing environment. Plus a shepherd hut has the added benefit of being only a stroll down the garden and at the end of the day you leave work in the dedicated space and not in every room of your house.

2. Spare Room. We all need an extra bit of space or spare bedroom at certain points of the year, think Birthdays or Christmas. What better way for your guest to stay over than in your luxury shepherd hut plus its far cheaper than a extension.

3. Art Studio. Place your shepherd hut in a beautiful spot with great view and let your imagination run wild, drawing, painting, modelling and creating never felt so good. Plus you don’t need to tidy up!

4. Library. Shepherd huts are great for creating your own library, line them with books, sit back in your favourite chair and pop the kettle on and left the afternoon drift by in a good book.

5. Wedding Suite. If you are looking for a space for the groom to collect his thoughts or the bride to relax and get ready or just a place for the groomsmen or bridesmaids to gather a shepherd hut make the perfect place. Huts also make amazing backdrops for wedding photographs.

6. Playroom. If you have a young family you know what it's like to have toys, crayons and all sorts bits and bobs everywhere. You never seem to be able to tidy up whilst allowing your little ones to play and learn. A shepherd huts can be a dedicated to playing and learning, a place ready and waiting for your children to be creative, a little untidy and where they can let their imaginations run wild.

7. Catering Shepherd Huts. If you are looking for a catering trailer with a difference a shepherd hut may be your answer. Our shepherd hut catering trailers are designed using a special towable, road legal chassis with the exterior and interior designed just for you, making each one unique and a definite 'wow' for your customers. They can be equipped with cookers, fridges, freezers, cooking areas, chalkboards, customer seating and much more, ready for adventures to festivals, fetes and fares nationwide.

8. Beauty Salon. If you require a dedicated space to run your beauty or therapy business from, a bespoke shepherd hut could be the ultimate solution. You can have a space designed to work with you and your clients and styled or themed to make a truly amazing space. A shepherd hut would give you time to concentrate on your clients and growing your business instead of trying to make do with a bit of space you have in a spare room, kitchen or garage that you constantly need to tidy. A shepherd hut would provide a dedicated workspace close to your home but importantly not in your home to keep your work/life balance at ease.

9. Shooting or Fishing Snug. After a long day shooting or fishing, everyone needs a place to relax, talk about the events of the day, have a drink and get out of the weather. A shepherd hut can be the perfect place for your clients to do this and best of all it can be moved around throughout the season to always be there when you need it.

10. Glamping. If you would like to provide guests with a modern and luxury space to stay, relax and unwind without the hassle of pitching a tent or building a dedicated brick building a shepherd hut may be your answer. We can design and build a hut or many huts to your exact specification and deliver them to site completed ready for guests to pop champagne corks the following day. Shepherd hut allow your guests to stay in style and luxury just like a hotel but with the freedom and escapism of camping.

These are just a few ideas for what you can use your shepherd hut but there are so many more, let your imagination run wild! Contact us if you would like to have a chat all things huts.

Lake Side Shepherds Hut Wedding Suite

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