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Will a Garden Building add Value to my House?

Here at Cedar & Oak, it often comes up in conversations with customers about if a garden building actually adds value to your property. The short answer is – yes it does, if the build quality is good and a few additional things are thought about in the planning/design stage.

A well-built garden building that can be used all year around is often a very useful and well used space in a home, it could be a cosy summer house, a practical workshop or a creative office/studio space.

Unfortunately not all garden buildings are equal, a nice looking posh shed for example will not any value to your property as it’s a shed, where as a well designed and build garden building that is fully insulated and has electrics is very sought after. They can be used as a garden office, spare bedroom, den, gym or quality storage space, these are all things people are increasingly looking for in a property.

It pays to think about what your plans for the building are now and potential uses in the future. We always recommend customers have a few additional plug sockets and practical lighting installed, as the garden building could be a cosy den with a sofa, tv and bar now but in the future if someone would like to use it as an office it may need a lot more plug sockets.

Quality is often key in most products that we buy and in garden building its no different, a poor quality garden building in a few years will look exactly that and will not add value to your property as it will be in the same class as a shed. A garden building that is well built with good materials the same as you would built a house with will look as good as new 5-10 years after it was built other than a few marks to the paint scuffs inside from accidents. Good quality internal and external cladding is one of the most important factors as this gets the most ware and is the most noticeable, so make sure the materials used for the cladding and throughout are the same as you would built a house with not what you would build a shed with.

A garden building adds additional square metres of useable space to your property an this in turn will add value to your house.

In this modern day and age more people are working from home so a separate building in the garden that can be used as a quite office is a amazing for any potential buyer when you sell your house. People will often pay more as if you run a small business the cost can be offset it against their business expenses.

Make sure you garden building complies with planning permission rules or you obtain planning permission as a building with no planning can be a headache and will certainly not add value. Most garden builds can be built under permissive development but its always worth checking with your local council.

Here at Cedar & Oak we are happy to have a friendly chat over the phone or pop out to your home to offer advice and help on a garden building. All our garden builds are designed and built to order so we can fit any shape and size garden and offer materials to suit many tastes in style and budget.

Contact us via email on or call us on 07834 356337 and we will be happy to help.

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