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Garden Studio/GYM/Snug..You Decide?!

Kath, from Wilmslow in Cheshire contact us and wanted a space for her peloton exercise bike and home gym kit to live permanently as well as being a space to workout that was outside of the house. We worked with Kath and her family to design a garden studio to suit the space they had in the garden as well as being big enough to house the gym kit and a sofa plus it needed to reflect the style of the house.

This is what Kath had to say: “I cannot be more complimentary about them - the service was brilliant, all on time, on spec and on budget. They were great to have around and I would recommend absolutely. Very professional finish - cannot fault.”

The space started life as a small garden studio but it ended up being a space for all the family to workout, relax on the sofa together and watch the football plus a space for the kids to escape to with their friends! We even got asked about putting a slide down from the roof by the kids…mum and dad didnt agree!

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