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Shepherd Huts & The Rise of Glamping.

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Our little island is visited by people from a wide variety of countries and cultures throughout the year to see our stunning landscapes, rich history and amazing attractions. The UK is even in the top 10 countries to visit for tourists in the world!

Tourists are looking for more unique and interesting places to stay more and more and Glamping is fast become the must do thing. The glamping industry in the UK is booming and its not just us saying it, it the Guardian as well.

“The boost to domestic tourism follows a record-breaking first quarter that saw overnight visits in England rise 10% to 7.3m and spending on domestic overnight holidays up 23% to £1.8bn, VisitBritain figures show” Isabel Choat, The Guardian.

Glamping offer tourists an amazing way to experience the UK when they are looking for a place to stay that away from the traditional hotel or B&B.

A standard hut, cabin or tipi just won’t cut it anymore though as customers are increasingly looking for glamping accommodation that looks a little bit different and special, more amazing spaces less normal campsite. They want something they can post on Facebook and Instagram and show off, they want something visually stunning. If you are looking to set up a Glamping site we may be able to help.

At Cedar & Oak we design shepherd huts to inspire, we build them using the best materials to a high standard to perform and last. Each hut that we build is one of one, so you can be sure your hut will be a one-off.

We don’t have production lines, meaning each hut we build is built with pride finished to the highest of standards. We design our huts from scratch, meaning there are no elements you have to have or hidden extras like some companies. We design and build a hut just for you, incorporating all the little elements that add up to make a big difference to your customers, and how much they enjoy their stay with you. We want to work with you to design and build a hut that’s special, that brings a smile to people’s faces, that makes them say "wow" as that is what it takes to run a successful glamping site. We understand this.

Why a Shepherd Hut? and not a cabin, treehouse or yurt?

Our shepherd huts are designed to be used all year around meaning guests can enjoy them all year. All our huts have insulated floors, roofs and walls and combined with architectural grade doors and windows make super cosy huts. We can incorporated electric fires, electric heaters or log burners as well!

Shepherd huts are more comfortable, cosy, safe and cost effective than cabins, yurts or treehouses for your guests whilst still connecting them to the outdoors as that is the whole point of glamping!

Maintenance – our huts require very little maintenance as that’s the way we designed them to be. All they really need is cleaning as you usually would and treating the timber with a clear preservative once every 18 months approximately and that’s it. This gives you more time to see to your guests and run your business.

Quality – Unlike a yurt or pod our huts are built from quality materials that will last with very little maintenance. You can be safe in the knowledge that your hut will last, to be handed down for the next generation to look after.

Off grid – we can design a shepherd hut to be fully off-grid if you have a water source, as the water can be gas heated, the toilet can be composting and waste water can be directed away via a trench arch filtration system. The electricity can be provided by solar energy

If you would like to have a chat about a shepherd hut for your existing glamping site or about setting up a glamping site please contact us.

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