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Working from home..Tips, Ideas & Advice

Following our previous blog post about working from home during the current crisis, we decided to do a quick-fire list of tips for anyone that struggling to work at home at the moment.

We hope these tips help!

1. Start your day early and at a regular time as you would normally and stick to it.

2. Pretend like you are going into the office, even if that’s your shepherd hut, garden room, kitchen table, spare bedroom or coffee table.

3. Keep your day structured like you would in the office.

4. Choose a dedicated work space and stick to it.

5. If you can stretch your legs out of the house or in the garden.

6. Log out of social media accounts so its harder to keeping checking and getting distracted.

7. Plan goals for the work day and stick to them.

8. Take regular short breaks to stay focused and productive.

9. Use video and voice calls with colleagues to stay in touch and help not to feel lonely.

10. Try and keep your pets in their normal routine so they don’t ruin yours.

11. Make a plan for each day and the week as a whole.

12. Stay connected to colleagues.

13. Listen to the radio or music that compliments what your working on.

14. Take advantage of being at home such as popping the washing on in-between tasks or your break.

15. Share with your friends and colleagues your todo list so your have some accountability.

16. Take breaks to help clear your head and lessen the stain on your eyes.

17. Keep hydrated with water as its easy to forget when your on your own.

18. Keep to your normal work finish time each day then tidy up your work, this will help you switch off and relax.

Lots of these tips will be a lot easier if you have a dedicated work space like one of our shepherd huts...shameless plug! However we understand that a shepherd hut is not to everyone taste or budget so we are working on a design for a new garden office that we should have available soon.

Our new #WFH office will be super stylish, comfortable, compact to allow it to fit in most gardens and cost effective. We will release details as soon as we can.

If a garden based office is not on the cards then we would recommend finding a small space in your home to make your own little office kingdom.

In the meantime, we hope the above tips help!!

Stay safe and healthy.

Pete – Head of Huts

Cedar & Oak

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